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Caring on the Home Front - Volunteer memories from World War Two

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Project Sheet 2: Background research

In order to write your article you should explore the work of the person whose story you choose from the website by reading the fact boxes and fact sheets within their story, and by looking in the resource library . You could also try you local library and other websites, such as the Imperial War Museum ’s or BBC People’s War.

Now do the same for your chosen celebrity. You could look at the website of the organisation they volunteer for. Your teacher will help you here.

The questions below will help you in this research. Feel free to add your own. We’ve suggested some to help you:


Why did/do you volunteer?


What was the cause you felt/feel you were/are volunteering for?


What were/are the downsides?


Does volunteering help? Can volunteers get in the way?


Should you volunteer even if it puts you in danger?


Is it good for young people to volunteer?