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Caring on the Home Front - Volunteer memories from World War Two

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Project Sheet 1: The assignment

Your assignment

You are a freelance reporter for your favourite magazine. Your job is to meet people, interview them and create a lively, interesting article about them and their lives. You need to make the article relevant to the audience, which is people of your own age.

For this imaginary assignment you have been asked to track down a veteran volunteer from the Second World War and take them to lunch with someone who volunteers for something today, whether it’s a top celebrity from a charity like Live8 or Make Poverty History, or an ordinary person who gives there time to help others in need.

You are going to find out about their experiences and compare what they both feel about being an active citizen – one who gets up and helps others, doesn’t just sit back and wait for things to happen.


  1. After looking at the website with your teacher, you will be asked to choose one character, whose work you can research using the resource library and other sources, like the web or your local library
  2. Prepare a list of questions and spend some time imagining what their answers might be, based on their story in the website. Project Sheet 2: Background research
  3. Choose your modern volunteer and do some background research on their work and the organisation they volunteer for, again using Project Sheet 2: Background research to help you. Your teacher will give you some guidance on how to choose someone
  4. Imagine the lunch where the two meet. Run through the interview in your mind and think about the answers each might give to your questions, based on the work from number 2 and 3 above. In particular, think about whether your interviewees would agree with each other or not!
  5. Write your article. Project Sheet 3: Write the article will help you with this
  6. You will then present your article at the group editorial meeting to be arranged by your teacher. Be ready to answer some quite challenging questions about what you have learnt during your assignment. Project Sheet 4: Editorial meeting will help you with this