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Caring on the Home Front - Volunteer memories from World War Two

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History teaching 12-14 yrs

Key stage 3 and its equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The following Project Pack is relevant:

Project Pack 2 – changing roles

This project area covers the following National Curriculum programmes of study and QCA schemes of work. There is a summary in the project pack.

Programmes of study

During key stage 3 pupils learn about significant individuals and events in the history of Britain from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. They also learn about key aspects of European and world history. They show their understanding by making connections between events and changes in the different periods and areas studied, and by comparing the structure of societies and economic, cultural and political developments. They evaluate and use sources of information, using their historical knowledge to analyse the past and explain how it can be represented and interpreted in different ways.

Knowledge, skills and understanding

Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past

Caring on the Home Front can help pupils learn to:

Historical enquiry

Caring on the Home Front can help pupils learn to:

Breadth of study

A world study after 1900: a study of some of the significant individuals, events and developments from across the twentieth century, including the two World Wars, the Holocaust, the Cold War, and their impact on Britain , Europe and the wider world.

Schemes of work

Unit 01: Introductory unit – what’s it all about?

Unit 18: Hot war, cold war – why did the major twentieth-century conflicts affect so many people?