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Caring on the Home Front - Volunteer memories from World War Two

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Project Sheet 2: Role Play Character Research Sheet

Changing Roles Research Project Sheet 2

Role-play character research sheet

You will be playing the character of a person whose life changed because of the war. Look through the contributors who helped create this website at www.caringonthehomefront.org/teachers/contributors and choose a character who you think has changed roles – possibly by changing jobs, being evacuated or moving to a new location.

My Character: Describe your character here. Think about what they did in the war and how their role changed. You may find some useful background information in the resource library.


My script: Describe what your character might say in the air raid shelter that Christmas Eve. What do you think your character thinks about:

Also, think about what the future might hold for your character – do you think they will go back to their old role after the war?


Further Research: If time permits, talk to older people within your own family groups; people whose own experience covers the Second World War. If possible you could use video or audio equipment to record the interviews and take photographs.