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Caring on the Home Front - Volunteer memories from World War Two

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Project Sheet 1: What to do

What to do

In this assignment you are going to explore how people from different backgrounds found themselves ‘changing roles’ – for example: poor children living in rich people’s homes; genteel ladies becoming heavy crane drivers; office workers driving ambulances. Before the war those people would never have thought that one day their lives would be so different!

Start here

  1. You will start by looking at some of the stories on our website with your teacher.
  2. Form into small groups. Each group will have some role play sheets given to you by the teacher. Within your groups, choose a character from the website whose story you have looked at. Later, you will become this person in a group role-play.
  3. Using the supplied Project Sheet 2: Role Play Character Research Sheet , research the character’s background (the resource library is a good place to start) and creatively imagine what the future might be like for them. Once you have described your character, think about how their role has changed as a result of war, and how it has affected them. This will help you to think about some of the things you might want to say in the role-play scenario outlined below.
  4. Read the role-play sheet and work out a short play about Christmas Eve 1944. Your characters have all taken shelter under ground in a large air raid shelter. It’s very dangerous up above, bombs are falling all around and the street is on fire.
  5. Your group can then start to talk to each other about the war and the effect it has had on your lives. You’ll talk about the future and what you all think might happen in the next few years. As midnight strikes each and every one of you will make a wish for the future.