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Caring on the Home Front - Volunteer memories from World War Two

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A tale about toddlers

toddlers The following story was told in A Tale About Toddlers:

1. In 1941 the Minister of Health asked the Red Cross to convert a number of convalescent homes into residential nurseries for ‘under-fives.’

2. Today, there are 22 of these nurseries. They are financed by the Ministry of Health but staffed, equipped and administered by the Red Cross.

3. Ronnie and Nigel are at the Brockhampton Residential Nursey. Both were injured in the blitz.

4. Red Cross Nurseries also look after delicate children whose mothers are on war-work.

5. Nearly all the children who come to the nurseries are delicate. Most have had nowhere to play but blitzed streets.

6. At the nurseies the children have regular hours, simple lessons and instruction in hygiene.

7. Great attention is paid to diet, with plenty of milk, cheese, salad and supplementary fruit juices and cod-liver oil.

8. It’s nearly bedtime and here are some soft toys made by voluntary women workers for the Red Cross.